Small Sardines in Olive Oil
(Sardina Pilchardus)
Small Sardines in Olive Oil
(Sardina Pilchardus)

Wixter’s Sardines are caught off the coast of Spain during peak season and are processed by hand. Packed into tins with a fine olive oil and flaky sea salt, these delicacies are ideal for appetizers, a traditional caesar salad, in pasta, or straight out of the tin.


Producer: LA brújula, SPAIN
Country Of Origin: Spain
Harvest Location:
Harvest Method:

    Store in a cool dry place. Once opened, consume immediately.


    Great with crackers. Pick your favorite cracker and add Wixter’s Small Sardines in Olive Oil.

  • WINE

    Enjoy with wine. Grab a glass of wine and add Wixter’s Small Sardines in Olive Oil


    Eat it on a sandwich. Make your favorite sandwich and add Wixter’s Small Sardines in Olive Oil.


    Put it in your pasta. Make an amazing pasta recipe and add Wixter’s Small Sardines in Olive Oil.

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The Wixter Promise.

Every product sold at Wixter is vetted by our experienced procurement team. We want you to walk out of our store feeling good about your purchase. Feel free to learn more about our sourcing using the link below.

Zero Waste Zero Waste Zero Waste

By freezing our seafood within hours of capture, Wixter is able to ensure none of our harvest is lost to waste. In addition, we process and make use of every ounce of our catch, attesting to our healthy respect for the bounty of the seas.

Prime Cuts Prime Cuts Prime Cuts

We exclusively package the prime cuts of fish, whole shrimp, and expertly shucked meat from mollusks and crustaceans. No matter the season, you can be confident that with Wixter you will enjoy prime cuts of seafood naturally preserved at peak freshness. Whether you crave meaty steaks, delicate filets, or succulent shellfish, we are here to make you proud of every meal.

Naturally Preserved Naturally Preserved Naturally Preserved

Wixter honors traditional preservation methods while also utilizing modern technology. We freeze our seafood within hours of capture to lock in flavor and freshness. In addition we embrace time-honored canning techniques and partner with chefs from Spain and Portugal to craft recipes that bring you the finest tinned preserves in America.

Sustainably Harvested Sustainably Harvested Sustainably Harvested

Sustainability is more than a buzz word at Wixter. All of our seafood—whether farmed or wild-caught—meets the highest international standards and is certified by sustainability partners, including the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), Friends of the Sea, Global Good Agriculture Process (GGAP), and Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA).

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Best in Class might not sound specific but it means a great deal to us. It means we source our seafood from their natural waters at the appropriate time of the year. For example, we harvest our Atlantic Salmon from the pristine fjords of Norway, catch our Mahi Mahi in their native waters during the winter months, and are one the only companies that doesn’t add preservatives to our shrimp. We abide by strict catch quotas to protect native fish populations and will never sacrifice our commitment to a healthier plant to make a quick profit.

Producer Exclusive Producer Exclusive Producer Exclusive

We scour the globe to discover and partner with the world’s most reputable fishmongers and are proud to promote producers who hold the same superlative standards as Wixter. The supply chain of the global seafood industry is extremely fragmented with traders, brokers, distributors, and other middlemen but Wixter only works directly with the men and who who catch and harvest our fish. By knowing the origins of our seafood and controlling our supply chain we are able to be fully transparent about every ounce of seafood we offer.